Incarcerated Rhythm

Six men who have been in prison for many years join a dance rehabilitation program that has never been tested before in the prison system. Upon their release, they discover that the “rhythm of freedom” is harder to find than the “rhythm of incarceration”

Teacher: The Tradition Bearer

Teacher: The Tradition Bearer, is an intimate portrait of Malaysia’s legendary bharatanatyam teacher Indira Manikam, the founding principal of the Tanjai Kamala Indira Dance School (TKI), which was established in 1966.

Filmed against the backdrop of a rehearsal for a production to mark the school’s fiftieth anniversary, the documentary is an exploration into the transformative power of art as well a tribute to the resilience, courage and triumph, of one woman’s journey toward becoming the tradition bearer.

The Shades of Johor Straits

The Shades of Johor Straits is a story about Jeff Salim and his untold resentment on having to be uprooted from their Seletar ancestral land, a fishing village in Johor the southern state of Peninsular Malaysia.

Coming from a long lineage of seafarers, Jeff, his brothers, and his cousins has been making their living off the straits. They fish, farm mussels, run a seafood restaurant, collect mangrove produce and work as tour guides.

However, all these activities will soon cease with the impending eviction. The state government and the developer are in the final stages of moving in to develop the parcel of land that they occupy.