Programs offered at FEDOC

Women Filmmakers Intensive Program
A 6-week intensive film program where aspiring women filmmakers will work in small teams to make a short documentary. We are looking for women who have a story to tell, and want to make moving and honest films about subjects important to our communities. They will learn how to produce a short documentary film while working within a small production team. This includes telling a powerful story from a simple concept, how to use an HD camera and professional audio recording equipment, and the art of cinematography and film editing.

Youth Documentary Fellows Program
Youth Documentary Fellows Program selects 16 youth filmmakers (ages 16-18) from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds to participate in this 10-week program. They will learn the basic principles of filmmaking while learning how to make short, 2-3 minute digital stories. The program is specifically designed to encourage them to use the medium of film to express their points of view about the similarities and differences that comprise their experiences as emerging adults.

Students and Teacher as Storyteller
A workshop specially designed for primary/secondary school Teachers, presented by Derek Burrows, renowned, international Storyteller. This workshop provides skills for teachers to help students thrive in the classroom in two ways. First, stories allow students to create their own images and take equity in what’s happening, making any curriculum more fun and meaningful. Second, traditional oral storytelling is a powerful way to develop language skills and shape thoughts and feelings more effectively. The end result is students and teachers who are more engaged in learning and who interact more productively, respectfully and compassionately in and outside of the classroom.

Parents as Storyteller
Derek also conducts a workshop that helps parents to learn how to read and tell stories to their children. Through the use of picture books parents learn how to pace their reading to their child, use voices to bring alive characters, to encourage the child to read along as learn language from the images and words. As effective storytellers, parents helps the children learn to live within the story.  Parents also learn how to take events from their lives as a child, create their own stories and how to tell them effectively. Children love to hear the stories of their parents, the things they did as a child, the antics they encountered. This workshop helps parents unlock their stories to help them write and tell them effectively. Through interviewing techniques, story starters, playing with stories, parents become natural storytellers, taking what they often think of as mundane life events and making them resonate with their children.